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  • AV & IT ()
    A stunning line of installation cables and connections that will satisfy any AV integrator. Specially designed to meet the highest level of installation convenience and reliability.

Video standard

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  • DVI ()
  • HDMI High Speed with Ethernet ()
  • HDMI Standard with Ethernet ()


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  • Fiber optic technology ()
  • Flamoflex™ (LSHF) ()


    Cables that are featured with a Flamoflex™ outer jacket are compliant to the IEC 60332-1 standard regarding fire and flammability resistance in public installations. The Flamoflex™ material is specifically designed with installers convenience in mind, offering a smooth and durable outer jacket for easy installation and pulling capabilities to guide the cable around a corner.

  • Highflex™ ()


    Aside from being the main physical protection for the cable, the outer Jacket also provides a smooth and safe touch for its users. To bring the best user experience and satisfaction, some outer jackets are designed to excel in a specific function. It is because of this reason that PROCAB, developed cables that can aid in the instalment or that have better winding and unwinding properties.

    The flexible and solid PVC outer jacket makes it the perfect cable for many kinds of applications. The smooth outer jacket provides great and easy pulling capabilities to guide the cable through a truss or around a corner while still offering perfect rolling and unrolling performance for highly demanding mobile applications.

  • Semi-Lock ()
  • Shrinksleeve ()


  • Classic Series ()

    Classic Series

    The Classic premade series from PROCAB offers a stunning line of cables and adapters that will satisfy any AV integrator. Not only the design but also the quality of the cables themselves is unheard of in its price range. The advantage of gold plated contacts and the connectors that are molded firmly on the cable make this the ideal solution for fixed installations and mobile use.

  • Connect Series ()
    This series will provide you with 'Class A Standard' quality cable solutions, highly focused on slim line design cables with simple and elegant connector design aimed at the AV & IT market. All Connect Series cables receive a custom slim line PROCAB design, Low Smoke and Halogen free flexible cable construction and of course the high quality PROCAB finishing.

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Video cables

Transmit video signals from a media device to any monitor, TV screen, recorder or projector. This range consists of a high variation of signal transfer types: from HDMI for HD video, SVGA with or without a mini-jack for audio and analog video transmission, 50Ω and 75Ω SDI cable with a BNC connector or a 75Ω composite cable with RCA connectors.