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  • AV & IT ()
    A stunning line of installation cables and connections that will satisfy any AV integrator. Specially designed to meet the highest level of installation convenience and reliability.
  • Rental & MI ()
    Offering you a wide range of connections which withstand the harshest use and abuse that any rental or mobile application can throw at them.

Data standard

  • DMX-512 (5-pole) ()
  • DMX-AES (3-pole) ()


  • Flamoflex™ (LSHF) ()


    Cables that are featured with a Flamoflex™ outer jacket are compliant to the IEC 60332-1 standard regarding fire and flammability resistance in public installations. The Flamoflex™ material is specifically designed with installers convenience in mind, offering a smooth and durable outer jacket for easy installation and pulling capabilities to guide the cable around a corner.

  • Meter Indicator ()

Inner conductor material

  • Stranded Oxygen Free Copper ()
  • Stranded Tinned Copper ()

Inner conductor section

  • 0.125mm² (26 AWG) ()
  • 0.22mm² (24 AWG) ()
  • 0.32mm² (22 AWG) ()
  • 0.34mm² (22 AWG) ()
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Digital DMX cables

Our Digital DMX AES bulk cables are engineered to insure a reliable digital signal link. Especially made for digital AES/EBU audio equipment and for DMX data transmission in lighting control applications. They feature 110 ohm nominal impedance and an extremely low capacitance.