NON-Security paging console with ETHERNET link

The PSS-G2E paging console is a man-machine interface which allows call-paging, messages broadcasting and DSP matrix parameter control. The PSS-G2E units connect to a secured bus. Its back-lit touch screen is designed for simple and user-friendly operating. The 3-hardware-keys can be freely assigned within the System control software. Various operating levels with password protection make the PSS-G2E a versatile device that fits well in a commercial shopping center as for an industrial high security environment.

All paging parameters needed for site operating can be programmed: zones assigned to the different buttons, name of zones, group of zones, messages triggering, levels adjustments and pre-call chime but also for fader control, button control or event control.The message and the chime are stored into the PSS-G2.

A total of 168 keys over 12 pages allow zone or group of zones selections. Each key contains a green color changing field indicating that the zone is occupied by a different process.

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Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PCS 1 - - - - -
INNER 1 - - - - -
MASTER 1 - - - - -
PSS-G2E - NON-Security paging console with ETHERNET link