19" power distribution unit - 9 x French sockets + rear switch


  • 9 x French (Type E) power outlet
  • Male Schuko (CEE 7/7) input connection
  • Black aluminum housing
  • 2.5 meter cable
  • Chassis earth connection point
  • 16A ~ 250 VAC / 4000 W Max
  • With illuminated switch
  • Rotatable 19” mounting ears

The PSR1x9Fx are 19” power distribution units, compliant to the ANSI/EIA RS-310D, DIN41491 and IEC60297 standards. They come in three different models, without a switch (PSR109F), with an illuminated switch on the socket side (PSR109FS) or with an illuminated switch on opposite of socket side (PSR119FS). The construction is made using black powder coated aluminum fitted with steel 19” mounting ears on each side.

The total height covers a single 19” rackspace, allowing it to be installed in any 19” housing or equipment rack. Using the rotatable side ears, wall mounting is also made possible. Input connections are made using a fixed 2.5 meter connection cable fitted with a male schuko (CEE 7/7) plug, while French (Type E) output sockets allow power distribution to nine devices. A chassis earth connection point is provided for easily connecting your rack/enclosure to mains earth, as required by safety regulations.

Product Features
Switch Opposite side
Cable length 98.43 "
Unit height 1 HE
Dimensions 19 x 1.75 x 1.77 " (W x H x D)
Power handling 250 V AC ~ 16 A / 4000 W
Weight 1.76 lb

Information sheet English

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PSR119FS/B - Black version

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PRODUCT 1 0,48 m 0,05 m 0,04 m 0,00096 m³ 1,00 kg
PCS 1 0,51 m 0,12 m 0,06 m 0,00364 m³ 1,12 kg
INNER 1 - - - - -
MASTER 10 0,52 m 0,32 m 0,26 m 0,04243 m³ 11,97 kg
PSR119FS/B - Black version


Black version
EAN: 5414795043763