Full-Duplex Digital Counter Intercom System

MAGELLAN UC-AEC is a digital windows intercom system which allows clear and simple speech at information booth, point of sales, and receiving desks wherever glass disrupts conversation between people. This system provides Full Duplex and excellent communications through obstructions. MAGELLAN UC-AEC is the best intercom solution for applications requiring perfect voice transmission even in the most difficult acoustic conditions. The combination of this system with the induction loop antenna enables the hard of hearing people reception.

Benefits of this system:

  • Clear, natural and simple communications through obstructions 
  • Full Duplex conversations
  • Anti-larsen and echo cancellation function
  • Ambient noise reduction  
  • Automatic variation of the amplification level according to ambient noise levels  
  • Independent levels adjustments for agent and client sides

MAGELLAN UC-AEC windows intercom system consists of the following components :


  • A microphone equipped with system control keys and LED status indicators.
    Two options:
    MASv2: Desktop microphone
    MAPv2: Build-in microphone

           Control keys: ON/OFF and over-amplification (+6 dB : double noise level)    
           LED status indicators: ON/OFF, +6 dB, BME    

  • An antivandal proof wall or desk mount loudspeaker: HPU
  • A central unit for Acoustic Echo Cancellation: UC-AEC
    Main component of the system, the central unit integrates a digital speech processing by DSP (Digital Sound Processor)
    This unit is delivered with fixing material, cables and power supply.


  • An antivandal proof microphone, with unidirectional electret cellule.
    Two options:
  • An antivandal proof wall or desk mount loudspeaker: HPU
  • Quadratic induction loop antenna for hard of hearing people: BME CADRE

Information sheets other languages

MC - Vandal-proofed unidirectional microphones

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PCS 1 - - - - -

BME - Magnetic hearing loop

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PCS 1 - - - - -
MC - Vandal-proofed unidirectional microphones


Vandal-proofed unidirectional microphones
BME - Magnetic hearing loop


Magnetic hearing loop

UC-AEC-PACK - Central control unit - Desk mounted

UC-AEC-PACK Discontinued

Central control unit - Desk mounted
MCU - Vandal-proofed unidirectional microphones

MCU Discontinued

Vandal-proofed unidirectional microphones
HPU - Vandal-proofed loudspeaker unit - Customer side

HPU Discontinued

Vandal-proofed loudspeaker unit - Customer side
MASV2 - Agent microphone

MASV2 Discontinued

Agent microphone
MAPV2 - Agent microphone - Built-in

MAPV2 Discontinued

Agent microphone - Built-in