Flightcase divider plate for FCE126H

The FCD116 is an optional divider plate which can be inserted into the FCE126H flightcases, creating separate compartments for individual storage of cables or accessories, while avoiding mix-up during transporation. The construction is made of black coated plywood with a thickness of 9 mm which is provided with convenient carry handle openings.

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Technical drawings

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PRODUCT 1 1,16 m 0,58 m 0,01 m 0,00599 m³ 3,66 kg
PCS 1 1,20 m 0,60 m 0,02 m 0,01440 m³ 4,00 kg
INNER 1 - - - - -
MASTER 3 1,20 m 0,60 m 0,06 m 0,04320 m³ 12,00 kg
FCD116 - Flightcase divider plate for FCE126H


EAN: 5414795038028