Cello stand


  • Black foldable steel legs with anti skid feet
  • Black velveteen rubber coating for protection

CMS005 is a durable, fully-adjustable, steel cello stand, finished with a black matte powder coat finish. Instead of a neck support, this stand offers an additional and adjustable body support, providing more stability. With soft rubber protection and antiskid feet there is no beter way the keep your instrument safe.

Product Features
Dimensions 13.78 x 31.89 x 12.20 " (W x H x D) (Depth adjustable from 310 to 820 mm)
Weight 5.29 lb
Colours Black

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Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PCS 1 - - - 0,04252 m³ 3,00 kg
INNER 1 0,09 m 0,41 m 1,00 m 0,03690 m³ 3,00 kg
MASTER 5 1,03 m 0,43 m 0,48 m 0,21259 m³ 15,00 kg
CMS005 - Cello stand


EAN: 5414795012479