CAS110L Discontinued

Swivel bearing caster 100mm with brake

The CAS110L is a braked swivel bearing caster with a diameter of 100 mm (4”) and thickness of 32 mm. The solid zinc-plated steel construction can hold a maximum load of 113 Kg’s / pcs (450 Kg for a set of 4 wheels). The roller bearing guarantees a long-term reliability, while the blue rubber tyre ensures optimal grip on any surface. Mounting can be done by using four screw holes with a mutual distance 80 x 60 mm. The brake offers a total lock for both the wheel rotation and direction.

Product Features
Base Material Zinc plated steel 2.5 & 3 mm
Wheel dimensions 3.94 " x 1.26 "
Max. load 249.12 lb (992.080 lb / 4-wheel kit)
Mounting hole distance 3.15 " x 2.36 " (14 x 0.35 " fix slots)
Mounting plate dimensions 3.94 " x 3.15 "
Height 5 "
Weight 2.050 lb

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