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    Offering you a wide range of connections which withstand the harshest use and abuse that any rental or mobile application can throw at them.

Video standard

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  • Prime Series ()

    Prime Series

    he Prime premade series from PROCAB offers you the highest class in cables. This series is specifically designed to withstand the harshest use and abuse that any rental and road application can throw at them. All connections are equipped with the highest quality connectors. Equipped with reliable Neutrik and PROCAB plugs, it ensures the most trustworthy communication.

    Besides the top-quality black connectors, the cables used in this series are designed to meet the highest standards. With the Highflex™, Ultraflex™ and Duraflex™ technologies implemented in the cables it provides you the right flexibility and solid feel when you need it most.

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Cable reels

Safely wind and carry long distances of video cable with these sturdy cable drums. The high-impact construction and the convenience of the reel save time and money when deploying cables in a wide range of applications.