Cable reel - HD-SDI - BNC female - BNC male


  • 3G-SDI up to 45 meter
  • 60 mm transparent shrink sleeve
  • Polycarbonate (PC) frame
Impedance 75 Ohm

The PRX107 is a HighFlex 75 Ohm coaxial video cable (CXV107/B) assembled on a lightweight, extremely strong and impact resistant plastic reel (CDM310). The cable is solid but flexible constructed featuring a thin but dense stranded (48 strands) high purity copper conductor (20 AWG), which is surrounded by a foamed polyethylene isolator. The shielding consists of a dual braiding which offers a high immunity against noise and interference caused by external devices, while offering a high flexibility and reliability for mobile applications. The cable end is terminated using a male Neutrik BNC connector while chassis side is fitted with a female Neutrik BNC connector. It can be used for a wide variety of mobile applications such as analogue video interconnections as well has HDTV digital SDI and HD-SDI.


Product Features
Dimensions 312 x 392 x 234 mm (W x H x D)
Physical Characteristics
Inner conductor Insulation Material FPE 4.5 mm (Ø)
Colours White
Overall shielding Braiding BC 16 x 7 x 0.12 mm (Ø) (OFC)
BC 16 x 7 x 0.12 mm (Ø) (OFC)
Outer jacket Material Highflex PVC 7 mm (Ø)
Colours Black
Type of cable 75 Ω coaxial video cable
Inner conductor Material BC 48 x 0.12 mm (Ø) (OFC)
Section 0.55 mm²
American Wire Gauge 20 AWG
Number of conductors 1
Connection type BNC male (cable) to BNC female (chassis)
Fitted connectors NBNC75BTU11, NBB75DSG
Standards and regulations
RoHS2 compliant According EU Directive 2011/65/EU
Reach compliant According EC 1907/2006
Indoor / outdoor Indoor
Shielding effectiveness According EN 50083-2:2001 Class A
Mechanical Characteristics
Temperature range Fixed installation - 40 °C till + 80 °C
Flexible installation - 25 °C till + 70 °C
Bending radius Fixed installation 8 x outer diameter
Flexible installation 10 x outer diameter
Electrical Characteristics
Max. conductor DC resistance 22.5 (Ω / Km)
Dielectricum Σr 1.5
Dielectric strength 0.5 (KV / 1 min. DC)
Rated voltage 300 V
Characteristic impedance 75 Ω ± 5 Ω
Conductor to shield Nom. Capacitance 53 (pF/m)
Nom. shield DC resistance 17 (Ω / Km)

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PRX107/50 - 50 meter

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PRODUCT 1 - - - - 5,22 kg
PCS 1 0,33 m 0,24 m 0,41 m 0,03180 m³ 5,78 kg
INNER 1 - - - - -
MASTER 1 0,33 m 0,24 m 0,41 m 0,03180 m³ 5,78 kg
PRX107/50 - 50 meter


50 meter
EAN: 5414795037403