Network in- & output panel - 2 x XLR in- & out + BT (4 x 2 CH)


  • 2 x XLR inputs & outputs
  • Integrated Bluetooth receiver
  • 4-channel Dante™/AES67
  • Internal mixing & DSP processing


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5 years
PoE powered
Dante™ Domain Manager Ready
Internal mixing and EQ

The NWP222 is a Dante™/AES67 network input panel, featuring two XLR input and output connectors and an integrated Bluetooth receiver, which can be used to transmit or receive audio signals in a Dante™ audio network. The audio inputs can be switched between line-level and microphone-level audio signals and phantom power (+48 V DC) can be applied to the XLR input connectors for powering condenser microphones.

Various further integrated functions such as integrated equalizing, automatic level control and other device settings can be configured through the AUDAC Touch™ app.

The front panel is finished with high-grade materials such as hardened glass makes them blend into any environment. These wall panels are compatible with standard EU-style in-wall boxes, these wall panels are the ideal solution for solid and hollow walls.

The IP-based communication makes it future-proof while also being backwards compatible with many existing products. In contrast, the limited PoE power consumption makes it compatible with any PoE network-based installation.

System specifications
Inputs null
Control null
Indicators null
Configurable settings null
Phantom power
Configuration Audac Touch™
Integrated DSP null
Automatic level control Yes
Phantom power null
Power Supply null
Connectors null
Product Features
Construction ABS
Front finish Elegant ABS front panel with glass
Dimensions 6.30 x 3.46 " (W x H) (Remote wall panel)
Colours White (RAL9003) (DWP240/W)
Black (RAL9005) (DWP240/B)
Compatible devices null
Installation standard null

Block schematic

Dante™/AES67 networked audio input panel featuring various in- & output connections, ranging from XLR to Bluetooth and even USB Type-C. Powered over Ethernet and with their own internal mixing & EQ functionalities. True flexibility, the choice is yours.


A brief overview

Decentralized TouchLink™ setup

Centralized setup

NWP222/B - Black version
NWP222/W - White version

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Declarations of conformity

Declaration of conformity (.pdf)

NWP222/B - Black version

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PRODUCT 1 0,18 m 0,15 m 0,06 m 0,00162 m³ 0,24 kg
PCS 1 0,20 m 0,15 m 0,09 m 0,00270 m³ 0,45 kg
INNER 4 0,32 m 0,21 m 0,20 m 0,01344 m³ 2,00 kg
MASTER 24 0,69 m 0,34 m 0,44 m 0,10322 m³ 13,72 kg

NWP222/W - White version

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PRODUCT 1 0,08 m 0,15 m 0,06 m 0,00072 m³ 0,22 kg
PCS 1 0,15 m 0,20 m 0,09 m 0,00270 m³ 0,47 kg
INNER 4 0,32 m 0,21 m 0,20 m 0,01344 m³ 2,17 kg
MASTER 24 0,65 m 0,34 m 0,44 m 0,09724 m³ 14,09 kg
NWP222/B - Black version


Black version
EAN: 5414795046856
NWP222/W - White version


White version
EAN: 5414795046863