Carry bag for VEXO110(A) loudspeaker

This bag is specifically designed for the VEXO110(A) compact performance loudspeaker. Lined with a soft padded fabric material on the inside and durable fabric on the outside it offers superior protection, like this the bag offers easy and safe transport for the VEXO110(A) loudspeaker. Ideal for giving demo sessions and presentations. A small compartment on the front of the bag can be used for speaker cables and other necessities.

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Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PRODUCT 1 0,58 m 0,40 m 0,14 m 0,03248 m³ 1,71 kg
PCS 1 0,58 m 0,40 m 0,14 m 0,03248 m³ 1,76 kg
INNER 1 - - - - -
MASTER 5 0,60 m 0,41 m 0,78 m 0,19188 m³ 10,44 kg
CPVX110 - Carry bag for VEXO110(A) loudspeaker


EAN: 5414795046634