Connection plate RJ45 45 x 45 mm

The CP45ARJ allows you to attach one APM paging console on the front, while the phoenix connector on the back lets you route the signal to a next paging console or junction box. It can offer 24V power to the APM console and is also equipped with 2 jumpers to terminate the audio -or databus. The 45 x 45 mm size is compatible with AUDAC, Niko, Legrand and other standard 45 x 45 mm Mounting frames and cover plates.

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CP45ARJ/B - Black version

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PRODUCT 1 - - - - -
PCS 1 0,06 m 0,06 m 0,06 m 0,00022 m³ 0,05 kg
INNER 5 - - - - -
MASTER 10 - - - - -
CP45ARJ/B - Black version


Black version
EAN: 5414795028821

CP45ARJ/W - White version

CP45ARJ/W Discontinued

White version
EAN: 5414795028814