6.3 mm Jack angled male stereo - 2 x 6.3 mm Jack female stereo


  • 28 AWG thin and dense stranded conductors
  • Flexible PVC jacket
  • Braided shielding
  • 6.0 mm (Ø) outer diameter
  • Oxygen free copper
Gold Plated

The CLA720 is fitted with two female stereo jack 6.3mm connectors and one angled 6.3mm stereo jack male stereo connector, constructed using the SMC104 cable. The easy to handle PVC jacket is excellent for fixed indoor and mobile applications. The inner conductors are fitted with a durable shielding. This gives an excellent protection against interference of all kinds such as electromagnetic fields produced by dimmers, electric motors or power cables. Available in a length of 1.5 meters.


  • CableType: MC104 - Microphone cable

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CLA720/1.5 - 1,5 meter

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PRODUCT 1 - - - - 0,12 kg
PCS 1 0,23 m 0,08 m 0,03 m 0,00046 m³ 0,14 kg
INNER 5 0,24 m 0,15 m 0,10 m 0,00360 m³ 0,84 kg
MASTER 30 0,46 m 0,26 m 0,22 m 0,02603 m³ 5,50 kg
CLA720/1.5 - 1,5 meter


1,5 meter
EAN: 5414795033375

CLA720/1 - 1 meter

CLA720/1 Discontinued

1 meter
EAN: 5414795024700
replaced by CLA720/1.5