Loudspeaker cable - 4-pin speakON - Neutrik


The CAB505 is a loudspeaker cable constructed using the LS425 cable and fitted with four Neutrik 4-pin speakON (NL4FX) connectors. The cable consists of four 2.5 mm² (13 AWG) conductors. This cable is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Each conductor is fitted with a highly flexible jacket made of PVC. The four conductors are twisted with two cotton cords, which ensures the great strength and flexibility of the cable. The four wires, together with the cords, are packed with a paper foil and a general PVC jacket. The cable comes in different lengths from 1.5 meters to 20 meters.


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CAB505/15 - 15 meter

Code Quantity Length Width Height Cubage Weight
PCS 1 - - - 0,01033 m³ 3,40 kg
INNER 1 - - - - 3,00 kg
MASTER 1 - - - - -
CAB505/15 - 15 meter


15 meter
EAN: 5414795001015

CAB505/1.5 - 1,5 meter

CAB505/1.5 Discontinued

1,5 meter
EAN: 5414795000995
replaced by PRA504/1.5
CAB505/3 - 3 meter

CAB505/3 Discontinued

3 meter
EAN: 5414795001039
replaced by PRA504/3
CAB505/5 - 5 meter

CAB505/5 Discontinued

5 meter
EAN: 5414795001046
replaced by PRA504/5
CAB505/10 - 10 meter

CAB505/10 Discontinued

10 meter
EAN: 5414795001008
replaced by PRA504/10
CAB505/20 - 20 meter

CAB505/20 Discontinued

20 meter
EAN: 5414795001022
replaced by PRA504/20