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  • 0 to 236.22 " ()
  • 236.22 to 472.44 " ()
  • 472.44 to 708.66 " ()
  • 708.66 to 944.88 " ()
  • 944.88 to 1181.10 " ()

Video standard

  • SDI ()


  • Highflex™ ()


    Aside from being the main physical protection for the cable, the outer Jacket also provides a smooth and safe touch for its users. To bring the best user experience and satisfaction, some outer jackets are designed to excel in a specific function. It is because of this reason that PROCAB, developed cables that can aid in the instalment or that have better winding and unwinding properties.

    The flexible and solid PVC outer jacket makes it the perfect cable for many kinds of applications. The smooth outer jacket provides great and easy pulling capabilities to guide the cable through a truss or around a corner while still offering perfect rolling and unrolling performance for highly demanding mobile applications.

  • Shrinksleeve ()


  • Prime ()


  • PROCAB ()
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Video cables

Our video cables are the perfect cable for transmitting your video signals from your professional equipment to any monitor, LED-screen, recorder or projector. These cables and patched with BNC connectors for use in SDI or SD video signals.