The right connection for your application


At PROCAB we have dedicated the last 25 years to providing the connectivity market with inspiring connections for tomorrows users.  This vision in which we believe to reinvent ourselves daily is an aspiration we are pursuing to reach maximum user experience. Since our range orientates itself so widely in satisfying the connectivity market demand, we felt that there was a need for a more clear market and product split up. This pushed us to re-think our PROCAB foundations and simplify the way we market our solutions, where starting from the needs of the users was our first yet most essential step.   

This is how PROCAB by application was born.  

PROCAB by application is a philosophy where we will facilitate the findability of our solutions to our two core markets (AV & IT and rental & MI) and tailor these connections to the different needs we can recognize in the market.  

This story doesn't stop here as we can use this division to start even more open dialogues with our users, which will enable us to detect product blind spots in the market.  
By engaging in previous dialogues with our installers and integrators, we have already found that there is a strong demand for AV & IT solutions.  

Resulting in our main vision for the coming years with PROCAB. Elevating our expertise level and become a true connectivity expert for AV & IT integrators. 

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Posted on 29 June 2021