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EN50399 CPR Euroclass

  • CCA ()


  • PROCAB ()


  • Install ()


  • Flamoflex™ (LSHF) ()


    Cables that are featured with a Flamoflex™ outer jacket are compliant to the IEC 60332-1 standard regarding fire and flammability resistance in public installations. The Flamoflex™ material is specifically designed with installers convenience in mind, offering a smooth and durable outer jacket for easy installation and pulling capabilities to guide the cable around a corner.

  • Meter Indicator ()

Inner conductor material

  • Stranded Oxygen Free Copper ()

Inner conductor section

  • 0.20mm² (24 AWG) ()
  • 0.34mm² (22 AWG) ()

Number of conductors

  • 2 ()
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Audio signal cables

These high quality installation audio signal cables are CPR compliant minimizing toxic smokes and providing optimal resistance to spreading fire. In addition to its improved fire properties, the outer jacket of the cabling is smooth and durable for easy installation and pulling.